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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Wake Up with HB EXP 05

This lemon-colored treat brought me to Hunter's this Saturday afternoon. The fifth of a great line of experimental brews. I've written about one and two, drank the third with no record, and missed out on a fourth.

The creamy white head dissipated quickly.

The fresh ginger and lemongrass aroma perked me up. It was like a delicious white tea.

The flavor was equally energizing. It was balanced out with honey flavors and pale grain tastes. The description notes turmeric, so I'll say I taste it on the back. No way I would have picked that out.

Overall, with all the delicious, refreshing, good for you ingredients, this should be part of my daily diet.

Private Walking Tours: A Stroll through Firenze

One of my favorite things to do in a new city is go on a walking tour. Sometimes I pull out my trusty DK travel guide and meander through the streets on one of their short walks. They always seem to take me double or triple the time, as I read through all of the history and pause to imagine what it would be like to see the area through time.

This photo is from a walking tour through Florence. The couple of hours of discovery ended at dusk in front of the beautiful Basilica Santa Maria Novella. We sat on the bench across and watched the light fade over its facade. We listened as the crowds passed. We returned the next day for a peek inside. We saw many churches in our exploration of Italy. Too many to remember; too many to pick out. But this one, this architectural beauty, was worth noting. They say it was the first great basilica of Florence. 

More info about the basilica:

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Eclectic Eats at Bohemian Joe's

Bohemian Joe's
17940 Torrence Ave | Lansing, IL 60438

Last Wednesday, I took a midweek break to visit Bohemian Joe's in Lansing, Illinois. It's a new spot that started out with limited hours and is now going full swing. Overall, it was a cozy and modern spot with delicious and hearty food, friendly staff, and a great drink list. I plan on going back and hope that you'll give it a shot if you're local or ever find yourself in Lansing.