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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Wild Horticulture (Little Shop of Horrors)

Last night, I saw Little Shop of Horrors (Crown Point Community Theater edition). This fan-favorite has stood the test of time. People still pack in to see this 80s musical based on a 60s movie. Big production or small, the catchy tunes and dark yet quirky storyline keep people humming and laughing.

CPCT has a great range of shows. From Sartre's thought-provoking No Exit to the whimsical, yet mature, Happily Ever Once Upon they bring entertainment to the community. CPCT brings in plays that are far from mainstream. Evenso, it was a delight to see this classic musical.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2016 Halloween Pairings

Another year, another Halloween. Every year I get excited gearing up for my night in. I plan the movies, food, and booze. It's always a Three Act night. This year, instead of three beers, I went with a beer, a wine, and a cocktail. Three courses starting with a Japanese monster story paired with pizza and a brew with a touch of cocoa and honey; an odd vampire film with a rich thick red wine at the peak with the leftover candy; ending with a man-hunter horror and salty crisps with digestif of sorts (aquavit cocktail with beet).

Act #1: Monsters and Ancient Brews

Film: Monster from a Prehistoric Planet (1967) ended up being a little too complex to watch whilst handing out candy. The compelling story of a family (of prehistoric creatures) ripped apart. The evil humans and their lack of empathy for their plight. Tanks being crushed under foot. Blow torches, I mean monster's flaming breath, burning buildings. Mass flooding and a kid in blackface. It was a film that required close attention. But it went well with pizza and beer.

Drink: Theobroma's cocoa nibs, honey, and ancient-ness paired well with ancient Japanese monsters.

Eats: Pizza and buffalo wings seem to be the tradition here for Halloween. Not too messy, but messy enough. It's still good at room temperature, which is the best when you're handing out candy.