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Being Tani

Being Tani, at this point, is a sort of freedom to enjoy my senses, explore the world around me, and be a tourist in my own town. I write about these experiences to catalog them to satisfy my analytical side and for the entertainment of myself and those who care to read it.

Being Tani is being silly, because I can.

Being Tani is loving food of all kinds. It is loving beer. The taste, the variety, and the sensory experience. It's a love of travel around town, around the states, and abroad.

In addition to the tedium that is work, I volunteer for local community projects. I'm a writer by trade and hobby. I enjoy reading when I can. I also practice my homemaking crafts (knitting, brewing, and soap making) when I have spare time.

I never thought my life would include most of what is Tani now, and I absolutely love that about it. From beach babe to mountain hiker, from reading about life to living it, that is Tani. I didn't know life could be this....enjoyable.

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