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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Denver Christkindl Market: Something New for 2017

I've left Chicagoland for the mountain views of Colorado. As I settle in, I was excited to see that Denver had a Christkindl Market. It was fun to go and compare it with the Chicago tradition.

Right away, you notice the difference in the name (Christkindlmarket vs Christkindl Market), but that's not all.

It was warm and sunny the day I visited. I've never dreamed of going to a seasonal German market in a short-sleeved shirt with the sun in my eyes. It was lovely. My eyelashes weren't freezing shut, and I enjoyed the food and drink for more than just a winter warm up.

Chicago's Christkindlmarket: A Shot of Holiday Spirit

Christkindlmarket in Chicago is a tradition for locals and visitors alike.

Bundling up on a cold near-winter day. Taking the train to Daley Plaza to join the thick crowd. Stand in line for your (sometimes) boot-shaped mug full of gl├╝hwein, spicy and warm red wine. Stand in line for latke and goulash. Some days pierogi and Raclette (melted cheese slathered on crusty bread). Get some flaky pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Monday, November 27, 2017

2017 Halloween Pairing: Three Brews, Two Films

While everyone is putting up their Christmas lights, I settled in for the annual Halloween pairing. Better late than never, right?

I kept it easy this year. We drank a set of three and watched two movies. Without the flow of trick-or-treaters, I didn't have to take into account constant interruptions.

The Booze: The Demons of Ale

I busted out Avery's The Demons of Ale series I collected in 2010. This was going to be a trick or treat situation for us. I wasn't sure how it held up after questionable storage and a long-distance move. But with the super, duper, high alcohol content and strong malt backbone, I was hoping to be in for a treat.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Random Post - Musings

I haven't written a proper blog post in what seems like ages. I've been telling my stories in Instagram, through photos of my travels. It's fun for me to walk down memory lane, and it's fun to interact with strange, new people, who are interested in my photos.

I've just been letting life take me where it needs to. Working, cleaning, cooking, living life.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Tell Your Story...One Block at a Time

Girl Dreaming; Boy on the Moon

I don't like a house crowded with bobbles and trinkets. So when I'm browsing through wonderful collections of art at local festivals, something really has to be unique and eye catching for me to bring it home.

At the Bristol Renaissance Faire this year I found The Rabbit Hero cart with illustrated blocks set up in lines and stacked in precarious positions. I got a chance to talk with the artist, Tony Brandl, as I looked through the pieces. It's a novel idea. Each wooden block has a hand sketched or printed drawing with custom color and composition. On the back is a word or phrase. You can have one on display, or set up a series to make your own visual story.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hobby du Jour: Inky Amusement

Dip pens are the ultimate throwback for the modern writer. Dipping your nib in an inkwell can help you channel the great writers and icons. Ink-stained fingers, crisp paper, a fine point, this is how it was done. Presidential correspondence, scripts, scientific notes, all had to be written down using the ink and point.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Symphony in the Park

It's summertime and time to enjoy all the events your area has to offer.

Last night, I attended the Grant Park Music Festival's Haydn London Symphony. Fawzi Haimor conducted three lively orchestral pieces. He performed with such energy, I thought he'd fall off the platform more than once!