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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drinking Beer on the Côte d'Azur

With tons of beer notes to catch up on, I'm condensing my tasting notes from the three new beers that I actually took quick notes on during my trip to coastal France. I found that many of them were Belgian brews and the French ones were equally as sweet. Notes are very brief; it's hard to take notes with that big blue sea begging for your attention.

Affligem Blond
This beer is brewed by Affligem in a Flemmish village named Opwijk.
Look and Smell: Gold with a white frothy head that sticks to the glass.
Taste: Very malty, but I was still able to detect a hint of bitter.
ABV: 6.8%

This beer is brewed by Fischer Brewery in Schiltigheim, France.
Look and Smell: I drank this yellow brew straight out of the bottle.
Taste: This was a blind order, so I was not expecting this Corona infused with tequila flavoring. There was so much about this that was wrong (not just a French brewery producing a tequila beer). There was so much that couldn't be masked by that little fresh lemon. It tasted like it was brewed with corn, not the rice typical of these yellow beers. I've had one or two corn-y brews in my lifetime, and there is nothing good about any of them. It was least I could say that. For a good drink on a hot summer day...go get some water, this was horrific.
ABV: 5.9%

This beer is brewed by Brasserie Grain D'Orge in Ronchin, France. This was Mr. K's, but mine was not worth trying to remember.
Look and Smell: The bottle proudly displayed its 13% ABV sticker on the neck of its devil-covered bottle. This tie with beer and satan/demons will never make sense to me. It was a gold-ish color with a light head that dissipated quickly. I could smell the hops and malt.
Taste: It was honey and sweet. I did not taste any of the hops I smelled. It was boozy, nothing smooth about it. This beer paired well with a salty Croque Madam, but I wouldn't rate this very highly (if I rated).
ABV: 13%

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