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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Premium Verum (Warsteiner)

A definite perk when you are flying Lufthansa is the beer. They only have one, but it's a refreshing authentic German lager. It's one of the only pilsners I'd ever order on purpose, not only when it's free on the plane. In the many times I've had this, and the dunkel, I have yet to write notes about either. My 'buds might have been a little off while flying up high over that big blue ocean, but I can go off of light and refreshing memories for this post.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: Lager yeast and not much else. Very light smell. Frothy white head.

Taste: This brew is very refreshing with no aftertaste like some funky lagers have. With all the lightness, I could still detect the malt in this brew. This is a great summer brew.

From the Warsteiner site:
Enjoy this world-class international premium pilsener. 
Unique: the slightly tart taste experience.
Exceptional: the top quality of the ingredients.
Inimitable: the exquisite premium character.
Pleasantly light: thanks to especially soft brewing water.

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