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Friday, April 27, 2012

Tropical Spice Cocktail

I was making some Cuba Libre soap (lime, rum and a bit o' coconut), and I just had to use those limes I zested! This cocktail is a nice one to welcome spring (if it ever comes back) or cool off with in summer if you're over margaritas and want something a little more.

Ingredients (Make it as strong/weak as you want.)
2 limes juiced (if you use the real stuff and skip the pre-juiced you get a thicker and creamier consistency)
1/4 lemon juiced
2 shots coconut rum 
1 tbsp Jo Snow's Tamarind Chili Syrup (or simple syrup infused with chili)

Stir it up. If your ingredients aren't chilled, shake it up with some ice. I know that the tamarind syrup isn't widely available. It's very tasty though and adds that little bit of yum.

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