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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Beer 101: A Taste of Summer

I've been away, but rest assured I have some great posts lined up. I have a recap of an amazing 4-course dinner at a nice little Cuban-Fusion joint. I have notes for some standard and fantastic brews. I even have drafts for some travel posts.

I've been preparing for a Beer 101 session highlighting some good lighter brews for summer. I'll have two each of a pils, wheat, pale, and IPA. I think it will be a good introduction to beer for some locals. I just hope I don't bore them with too much background discussion. Once I get talking about beer, it's hard to stop! I believe it is only $20/person, which is a great deal for good beer, hors d'oeuvres, and a fun time!


  1. Like the design! I know the course will be great.

  2. Thanks Jane! I wish you could come!