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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Woodshed (Vintage)

After the sweetness of the Belgians at Vintage (Whippoorwill and Jinja Ninja), I needed some bitter. This oaked IPA did the trick. It had a good hop combination that went well with the barrel.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: It had a very thick white head that stuck around. It left heavy lacing as I drank it down. The hops smell was very strong, as it should be. I smelled pine and floral.

Taste: It had a very floral bitter, but the woodiness from the hops and from the barrel were equally as present. It wasn't very smooth, and no malt sweetness was really there to balance it. I'd have it again though, just to make sure.

From the Vintage site:
Woodshed is a unique IPA experience- something of a hybrid British IPA/ American IPA, brewed with 2 types of oak chips for a truly distinctive flavor. English First Gold and Fuggles hops lend fruity and woodsy notes to the aroma, as well as a restrained bitterness, and an unmistakeable yet subdued oaky essence winds its way throughout this beer's character. Imagine a hearty, heavily-hopped ale riding in an oak barrel on a tallship to India 150 years ago.

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