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Ballpark Brews: Not Just for Big Breweries Anymore

This season Target Field, home to the Minnesota Twins, announced that the would start offering locally-crafted brews to fans. The line up includes four small breweries that provide a great representation for the industry.
  • Surly—a legislation-changing giant in the craft beer world
  • Fulton Beer—a newer operation that all began out of the founders' garages in 2006
  • Summit Brewing—a small operation focused on traditional brewing methods
  • Finnegans—a non-profit brewing operation that donates all profits to Minnesota charities
This April the Kansas City Royals announced a partnership with the local favorite, Boulevard Brewing Company. This partnership goes beyond standard beer sales. They opened up The Boulevard Pub and two Boulevard Bar & Grill stands in the stadium.

While some stadiums are finally realizing the appeal and profitability of these craft brews some stadiums have been offering craft brews for years. One of these is near the park in the very city that our Founding Fathers brewed in, the Phillies' Citizens Bank Park. While I don't know when they started selling the local brews, I found a blog post from back in 2009 from the Philadelphia Beer Enthusiast raving about their brew list. When I was at the park earlier this month, I saw Victory, Flying Fish, and Yards at the concession stands. I had the opportunity to share two of the brews with Mr. K while enjoying a great game.

Flying Fish Summertime
FF says: A tribute to the highly drinkable "every day" beers from French-speaking Belgium. Contains Belgian two-row pale malt and 7% wheat. This beer is lightly filtered with an earthy, spicy hop character from imported Styrian Goldings hops and a beautiful rich creamy head from the wheat.

Look and Smell: This gold-colored brew had a very lemony smell. The head was bubbly and white. It stuck around.

Taste: The lemon taste is very noticeable, but refreshing. I also tasted the pale maltiness, a little toast, a little sweet. Light and refreshing. Perfect for a summertime game.

ABV: 4.9% | IBU: 15.1

Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale
Yards says: Not to be boastful, but we honestly believe that all other ales pale in comparison to this one. Brewed with pilsner malt, Philadelphia Pale Ale is crisp and hoppy, bursting with citrus flavors and aromas.

Look and Smell: This gold-colored brew smelled really orangy. Summer is the time for all of these citrus flavors. The light head lingered.

Taste: Lots of pine, lots of orange (juice and pith).  Not too bad. Not your typical ballpark brew!

ABV: 4.6% 



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