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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Knock on Wood (Sierra Nevada)

After the ridiculously delicious Exportation, Mr. K and I moved on to another Sierra Nevada brew. From the description, we were saving this chili stout aged in Heaven Hill barrels for dessert. It really made a perfect dessert too.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This black brew had a coffee-colored head. I could smell the chili, vanilla, and oak right off.

Taste: It gave that chili burn, it wasn't a light, nearly non-detectable taste. The chocolate and caramel flavors in this creamy stout balanced out that spice. The bourbon aftertaste (vanilla and caramel) with bitter chocolate really rounded it out. No flavors were hidden, no hunting or searching. This was what it was, and it was phenomenal. That bourbon added another dimension to your typical spiced mole-type stouts, and I do love bourbon. All the flavors went exceptionally well together. Well done Sierra Nevada!

From the menu:
Their Hell Raiser (chocolate, chili, imperial stout) aged in Heaven Hill barrels for 18 months. Hints of vanilla, oak, bourbon, chocolate, and chili peppers. complex and yummy.

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