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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Repo Man (Revolution)

I ordered this brew to go with the "meat stack" pizza at Revolution. The pizza wasn't meaty, but the crust sure was raw. We really should have sent it back, but I was starved!

After Haymarket's belgo-rye IPA, I had to try this rye stout. A deviation from the standard rye can be fantastic. I've had really good experiences with Revolution brews, but this one was not my pint o' beer. It was a good stout, but I really was hoping for something more rye. I ended up trading at the half pint for Mr. K's whiskey barrel-aged weizenbock/porter.

-- Then I tried it again. A friend brought me a growler. Nothing from Revolution is bad, so was excited to receive this generous gift. I love stouts too, and with this cooler weather I couldn't wait to crack it open. I was interested in seeing if it improved. Maybe my tastes were just off. Maybe the experience was tainted by the raw pizza...

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This black brew had a rich coffee-colored head. It smelled very roasty.

Taste: It was creamy with a slight spice (rye). It had a slight roast. It was a bit milky/lacto. It's just not what I was after at the time. But on my second taste (2/13/13) I really got the rye spice. It was roasty and had differently flavors from your standard rye, but still rye. The rye spice was the aftertaste. I'm glad I got to enjoy a couple pints while I was in the mood for it!

From the menu:
This is one easy drinking stout. Roasted barley and rye provide a complex roasty aroma and flavor with underlying nutty notes, while Nelson Sauvin and Sonnet hops add just enough bitterness to perfectly achieve balance on the palate.

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