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Monday, September 24, 2012

Red Eye (Two Brothers)

This limited release coffee porter was released as part of an anniversary recap. They released 14 of their favorite brews over the past 15 years, plus a new anniversary brew (Monarch).

I broke it out when my best Chicago friend from KC was up visiting. I was introducing her to Death at a Funeral (in the background of the picture). It was enjoyed between giggles. can you go wrong?

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This brew had an rich reverse head. It was a creamy coffee color. The brew was almost black and smelled like light chocolate and medium roast coffee. There was a slight vanilla scent that went well with the coffee roast.

Taste: It was a rich coffee with sugar/caramel. It had a dry, coffee grind, aftertaste. It was nice. The aftertaste would have been nicer if I was eating vanilla ice cream! Too bad I'll never get to try that. This was my first and last taste of this limited release.

Nothing on the Two Brothers Brewing Co site. I don't have the bottle. But I will say, it is an ale brewed with coffee beans. I think most of the bottle language was about the 15 brews for 15 years anniversary.

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