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My Kind of SoBe Day

As I write this, the temperature is 44°. My tan is slowly fading. But I'll remember my time in South Beach this past September. I was never much of a tourist in my own town when I lived in Florida. Growing up in Florida, with family in South Florida, I had not spent time in South Beach. Bayside Marketplace is as close as I got when I was a kid. Not that SoBe is really a kids spot. 

Stilettos, sun bathers, and short skirts. Tight clothes, tequila cocktails, and tan bodies. The hot humidity of Florida. SoBe met all stereotypes I brought with me. The velvet-roped rooftop pool parties, the sound of the club music dush, doosh, dush as you walk down the boardwalk. All of this, not quite my scene. 

Lucky for me, it rained. I'm talking serious rain. Apparently, tornado warnings were listed for the area north of where I was staying. The tourists and locals alike stayed in the shelter of their homes, bars, or hotels. A perfect time for me and Mr. K to venture out. Through the small storms, we found good cocktails, art deco, fresh sushi, foldable pizza, and a better roof top pool. We saw the moon rise and the lights of the ships at sea. The rain cooled it down and left the beach sand packed for a nice stroll beside the turquoise ocean. 

We spent some time under the umbrellas of sidewalk tables at restaurants on Lincoln Road. It reminded me a bit of the touristy Las Ramblas in Barcelona. We sipped espresso and ate chocolate Napoleons at PAUL while it rained. 

I will be back. Off season. Maybe next November.

For more pictures of SoBe and the Bahama cruise I went to afterward check out my G+ page.


  1. I think SoBe is pretty recent--the last 10-15 years. . . . Enjoyed your post!

  2. They have definitely done wonders to revitalize it. It's still going strong with some hotel renovations. Thriving through what I'd think was a bleak tourist season.


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