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Friday, October 19, 2012

Unicorn Killer (Greenbush)

It has been almost exactly one year since I visited the Greenbush tap room. They expanded and added a menu. The place was still packed (good for business, bad for me). The food was okay bar food. The pulled pork was least the half that wasn't fat. At least it wasn't just me. The guy next to me pulled a huge chunk of fat out of his too. Their tap selection was still good. They bottle now, which was a great way not to feel pressure to try it all in one visit (with a small bottle fee, thanks MI)!

They had this pumpkin brew that got decent reviews. It wasn't something officially on my quest for brews for my class; this brew isn't distributed in Indiana. But, since I was on the pumpkin kick, I had a few healthy sips from Mr. K's pint.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This burnt orange brew had a thin white head that sticks around. It had a light spice aroma.

Taste: It was sweet, with a bitter spike that finished smooth. Not a lot of pumpkin flavor. It was thicker than most that I'd been trying. Not bad.

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