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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Apple Ginger (Angry Orchard)

Another hard cider post. I don't write about the ciders I drink. I generally stick to beer notes. I did not write about my first Angry Orchard experience (standard apple) this past year. I didn't think I'd order it again, and if I had the urge...well it's a standard market sweet (unbalanced to me) hard cider. I tried the ginger because I can't resist ginger, and I took a couple of notes.

These notes are mainly to remind me of that night...that odd night. I've started taking dance classes to network a bit in this new area and to add another hobby to my list. We were at a local class held once a month at a restaurant-bar. It was an intense salsa and bachata, and I wanted a cold drink after. We sat down with the studio owners and some students after. I learned that night that all you need is karate, dance, sex, and a bit of alcohol to get them [ladies]. You can never have enough bankroll for the [ladies]. Well that's according to some interesting gent that cornered one of the owners in the restroom and nearly licked the other in the face he was getting so close. Who said that dance wasn't adventurous? Quote of the night, "You look like a smart guy. Are you in IT?"

But to the notes on this hard cider.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This clear-gold hard cider had little foam to speak of. It smelled of sweet apple with a very slight ginger bite.

Taste: I was expecting more candied ginger than fresh, so it was a little surprising. It wasn't as fresh ginger as I'd like though. I was just expecting the worst for this one. If you have a choice between this and the standard, go for the ginger. I'd personally rather have the Saison Dupont that I drank before this. Like the standard, I think it fares more sweet than balanced or tart apple.

It took some digging to find, but it seems that they are a subsidiary of Boston Beer Co. Explains the market flavor and wide distribution. I was thinking AB-InBev or SABMiller. The company is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Looking at the profile on their site, they use quite a mix of apples!

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