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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Organic Cider (Samuel Smith)

Okay, this is not beer. It's fermented with white wine yeast. But it's a darn good hard cider worth mentioning. I poured this for Taste of the Cauldron, and it did not disappoint. This is a good standard cider. If you are ordering a cider at the bar, this is what you should be getting. I have never been disappointed with a Samuel Smith brew. If you see anything from their brewery on the shelves, pick it up. You won't be sorry.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This clear cold beverage had a thin white head. It was very effervescent. It smelled like smooth, fresh apples. It was lightly tart.

Taste: This is what you hope you get when you make a light cider. That perfect mix of sweet and tart. That little bit of earthiness from the yeast and peels. It was rich at first as I drank it in, but the tartness and the bubbles made it crisp.

From the Samuel Smith site:
A medium dry cider with brilliant straw colour, light body, clean apple flavour and a gentle apple blossom finish.

Serving suggestions • Cream soups; salad with vinaigrette dressing; a classic companion to pork dishes; wonderful to clean the palate after spicy food yet subtle enough to pair with delicate flavours. Best served at about 44°F (7°C).

Ingredients • Water*, organic apple concentrate, organic cane sugar, malic acid*, yeast*, carbon dioxide* (*permitted non-organic ingredients).

Samuel Smith’s makes this cider at a small, independent British brewery, the oldest brewery in Yorkshire.

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