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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yin & Yang (Figure 8)

This is a late post on an interesting pair of wheatwines from earlier this month. I went out to F8 to pick up a bomber of the barrel-aged Rye Knot before the holiday madness and stayed around for lunch.

I normally am not a huge fan of wheatwines. Let's just say, I've had my fair share of baddies. These were nice and smooth. They are also a great lesson in beer (both the meaning behind the style and about beer ingredients).

The menu description sets the stage for these notes:
Wheatwine Ales, a pair of wheat wines which stem from the same roots, but brewed to be dark (Yin) and light (Yang). These seemingly opposite brews may lead you to think they are different, while in reality, they are basically the same.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: The color was a strong distinction: orangy gold and a dark brown-black. Both had a slight white ring of head. Both had a slight wheat toast. They smelled nutty.

Taste: They were both mouth-watering. They were sweet and bitter. I thought the Yin had a bit of a spice to it compared to Yang. These would be great for a blind tasting. I hope they do this again.

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