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Monday, December 24, 2012

Airport Art Gateway

As you start or end your holiday travel, you may find yourself at an airport or two. I've always admired the artwork airports choose to display. Airport displays range from full historical exhibits about the Battle of Midway at Chicago's Midway International Airport to the scenic paintings of Justin Gaffrey that literally stand off the canvas at Florida's Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport in Panama City. The Denver International Airport has extensive displays from weeping sunflowers to brightly-colored ceiling displays inside the terminals, outside the airport, and even in the airport transit tunnels. San Francisco International Airport maintains up to 40 exhibits in its terminals. 

In looking at these installations, you can see that airports are not just a place to catch a flight. They are a way to impress the outsiders. A way to show what the city can offer. As travelers sit on the painted benches at O'Hare International Airport or walk through the Orlando International Airport past the mosaic of canvas and shadowboxes showing the wonders of Florida's natural springs, they see the cultural showcase the city displays as an example of what makes that city great. The airport is a just a taste of the city as you're passing through, just a way to calm the traveling masses during long delays, and a welcome home to weary travelers.

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  1. I try to plan connecting flights that go via interesting airports. Good info on the art!

  2. Definitely fun to plan the connection for airports with good art, nice restaurants/bars, and good shopping! Sometimes you're there for a while, planned or not!