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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lager Town (Half Acre)

On the way home from the Bucktown Holiday Art Show last weekend, I had the chance to hit up the new Half Acre tap room. I had not been out to their store before. I've just had some of their beers in fests and at parties. It was worth the detour.

This lager post starts my week of Half Acre notes posts. I have notes for my brews, and some healthy tastes of Mr.K's. I normally don't go for American Lagers, but this Novemberfest brew sounded too interesting to pass up.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This amber brew had no head. I smelled light spice and malt. I was in a pretty crowded area, and I was having issues smelling much of anything.

Taste: It was spicy and bitter, really bitter. More bitter than I was expecting. I wasn't really getting any of the raisin flavors promised in the description. It was a very complex lager. My first note on this wasn't "lager"...and it generally is with most of them.

From the Half Acre site:
A beer that’s much like an Octoberfest, with a sturdy malt frame, but cloaked under the cover of October’s timely neighbor, November. Take a drive through Lager Town.

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