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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Must Be Santa

I discovered the 2009 Bob Dylan Christmas in the Heart album last year. It's now my favorite Christmas album. I'm not sure if it's the country twang in Walking in a Winter Wonderland, the raspy Christmas Blues, or Dylan's command of Latin in O' Come All Ye Faithful. It's a strange, strange, album. It's like Dylan lost a bet or just got odder in his later years.

I'm not a huge Christmas music kind of kid, so this amusing take on the classics tops my list. I know that the humor wasn't intended, but I'll take what I can to keep the smile on my face.

I think what makes the album for me, and my grin that much wider, is the upbeat polka rendition of Must be Santa. It is hilarious on the album, but when I found a music video for it, my attachment to this album grew stronger. This is the all-time best Christmas music video. You can almost see the strings being pulled as Mr. Dylan croaks out his lines and the people around him excitedly dance around. If you don't like Dylan, you'll be amused. If you do like'll be equally amused!

Merry Christmas and enjoy! Consider this your Christmas e-card.

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