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Friday, December 28, 2012

Rye'da Tiger (Three Floyds)

This is the first new Three Floyds brew I've had in a while. I picked up a bottle of this at the local liquor shop. They had a couple of others on the shelf, one rice and the other a saison. But with the price tags on these I only went for one bottle, the rye. I didn't read the label past rye, so when I cracked open the bottle as part of a rye night I was really surprised. It's a Rye DIPA. Hopped heavily in the typical Three Floyds fashion. It's not normal. 

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This was more pale than I expected. It had a thick and frothy head. Those hope oils left thick to moderate lacing. It smelled heavily of cascade (*chills*). It smelled like a Three Floyds beer (yeast and hops).

Taste: It tasted like a delicious, slightly spiced, Arctic Panzer Wolf. I drank some of it before the head settled, and it was so silky. It was piney. I got a slight smokey roast. A taste I couldn't place. After a few sips all the hops overpowered what little rye flavor it had. It was a great beer, but not a rye beer.

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