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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cheers to the New Year

Happy New Year dear readers. It's one of the few times a year where it's okay to get a little dramatic.

This is the last part of our season of reflection where we think about the year past and what is in store for us. For some of us it was just another year, for others it was a year of massive change. Some of us experienced crisis points that allowed us to gain new appreciation and a deeper understanding of our being. While today is just another day of the year, there is something about the start of a new year that forces that reflection. It causes us to look ahead.

With a year of tragedy for some, economic struggles for others, and times of change I encourage you to try to look at life a little differently. Question yourself a bit. Challenge your way of approaching the new and the known. Do this in an effort to ensure you make the most out of every minute of your existence. Enjoy your off time. Go out dancing. Try a new type of food. Make your relationships what you want them to be. Have no regrets.

How we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives.—Annie Dillard

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