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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kisber Felver (One Trick Pony)

This American Black IPA was the first One Trick Pony brew I tried. I heard about them this past spring. They are new brewery in Lansing, IL. It's pretty close by, but I just haven't made my way to the tap room.

This brew was a bit watery for me. I don't think it was that the RIS I had before overpowered it, because it was still watery long after. Didn't really fit the style. Sort of reminds me of what the Bulldog in Whiting is trying to do. I still want to try to hit the taproom for a better taste of what they have. I ended up swapping Mr. K for his One Trick Pony Belgian Strong Ale.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This dark brown-black brew had a creamy head. I didn't smell much over the bar.

Taste: It was smooth, roasted...but not an IPA. I tasted a little woodiness. That hint of hops. I didn't get the citrus or spice I was expecting for an Amarillo-hopped Black IPA. It was a good black ale, but it wouldn't make the trip to India!

From the OTP site:
Yep, it’s still jet-black out of the gate, roasted in flavor on the back stretch, and hoppy through-and-through with Amarillo. 

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