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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pumpkin Lambicus (Timmermans)

Though my quest for the perfect pumpkin pint has long since ended, I couldn't pass up this Belgian Lambic.

This brewery started back in the early 1700's with a Gueuze Lambic. Since then (1993) they've been consolidated under Martin’s Finest Beers Selection for wider distribution (source). Seemed like a solid choice after a long day. It was everything the description promised it would be.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This pale orange brew had a light ring for head. It smelled of cinnamon and was slightly sour.

Taste: It was sour. It was gourdy. It had that proper gourd taste you'd get from pumpkin sans sugar. Like the juice leftover from roasting that I boil with cinnamon and infuse vodka with for a savory drink. It was spiced. It was pretty darned good. I wish I had savored it more.

From the Bad Apple menu:
Unique experiment is a sour lambic brewed with pumpkin. The sourness is balanced with a smidge of spice, brown sugar and gourdiness. First of its kind - stunning glowing orange like a jack o' lantern.

I'd say the experiment was a success!

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