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Monday, February 18, 2013

Albino Python (Coney Island)

A night out dancing calls for a good brew. This spiced white lager was in order. I've had some Coney Island brews, and I remember them being good. I don't have any in my notes though. Here's to the first.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This pale translucent brew had a white head. I mixed the sediment in for the second pour and it sat in there suspended. I couldn't smell much over the bar.

Taste: It was a pretty light brew with a light spice. It was lagery...with a lager aftertaste. It had loads of sediment. The sediment added in a citrus flavor. Overall it wasn't bad. I'd drink it again. I'd recommend it to light lager drinkers. The spices added a depth to the flavor that many lagers lack.


  1. Robert likes this one as well, I may try this one

  2. I had it at White Rhino after one of the Lincoln Center Friday-night dance parties. Not too bad. I'd recommend it if you like spiced lagers.