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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spicy Orange Garlic Shrimp

You'll notice the eat part of this site is a little light. I generally just cook based on what I have on hand and what I'm in the mood for. My measurements always seem to vary based on how fresh my produce is, my source of meat, and the time of year. 

This recipe is no exception. It's a little of this and a little of that. With this shrimp, a little pinch goes a very long way. Something about this sauce really picks up all the flavors and intensifies them. It's based on a recipe I got from a Missouri winery newsletter in 2010. 

Just like anything, the quality of the ingredients impacts the result. Think of it this way, even if you splurge, you'll still spend less than eating at a restaurant!

This dish serves two. This is a quick-moving process. Each step only takes a minute or two.

2 Dozen Small to Medium Shrimp (I used locally-farmed saltwater shrimp.)
2 tbsp Butter (European butter makes for a slightly thicker and richer sauce.)
3/4c of Orange Juice (I went for a good-quality, not-so-sweet variety.)
1 tsp of Hot Sauce (I used a small-batch habanero sauce that had hints of peaches.)
3 Cloves of Sliced or Chopped Garlic

Seasoning and Spices - This is where it gets dicey. I just put a pinch and a dash of each of these. Overall it doesn't add up to more than half a tablespoon. If you aren't so daring, use a tsp of Old Bay seasoning.
Course Ground Pepper
Course Ground Salt
Smoked Paprika
Celery Seed

Mix together the orange juice, garlic, hot sauce, and seasonings in liquid measuring cup (easier to pour later). Let it meld on the counter. The orange juice acid takes some of the sharpness out of the garlic and dissolves the seasonings. I let it meld while I prepared some white rice to eat with it and peeled and deveined the shrimp.

Melt a tbsp of butter in a hot pan. Lightly saute the shrimp until they are starting to turn opaque, but not fully cooked (about 30 sec to a min on each side). Pull the shrimp and put it off to the side. It took me a couple of batches.

Let the butter evaporate for a minute, then pour in the orange juice mixture. Cook on high until it starts bubbling and gets thicker. Lower the heat and cook to soften the garlic (a minute or two). Put in the second tbsp of butter and whisk the sauce together over medium heat. Cook until the sauce is syrupy and the garlic is almost cooked through (not more than 5 mins). Pull it off the heat and mix the shrimp back in. Toss the shrimp to coat (2 mins). The residual heat will fully cook the shrimp and soften the garlic. Serve over rice, pasta, or on its own with some bread to sop up the delicious sauce.

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  1. Thanks for the recipe and tips. I think the most talented chefs make do with what they have.