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Thursday, March 21, 2013

3Beans (Sixpoint Craft Ales)

I heard about this brew when it came out in January. This stout is made with cacao beans, coffee beans, and romano beans. On a recent trip to my local liquor store chain, I picked up a 4-pack. It was hard to pass up some of the other Sixpoint brews, but I really wanted to try something new.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This dark brown ale had a thick off-white head. I smelled a strong roast and caramel.

Taste: It was rich and bitter. It was acidic. It wasn't as creamy as I was expecting. I was expecting it to be more malty-sweet. It was just about as roasted as I thought it would be. It was boozy, really boozy. I was warm after two sips. It tasted like liquor with that alcohol burn. It was like there was a shot of whiskey in it. The aftertaste was all dry. Interesting brew. I'd drink it again.

From the Sixpoint Facebook page:
It's Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (or perhaps dessert). Made with Stumptown Coffee Roasters cold brew, Mast Brothers Chocolate Cacao, and Romano Beans. Based upon an old Baltic recipe but with a Mad Scientists twist.

From the can and the Sixpoint site:
Take thou also unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans...and put them into one vessel. The beans of bygone brewers, united with cacao and coffee, to create a trinity of roasted, rich, and savory flavors.

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