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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Paul Henry's: A Portal to the Arts

Paul Henry's Art Gallery
416 Sibley Street | Hammond, IN

Paul Henry's Art Gallery is a local bastion of art located in an old hardware store in Hammond, Indiana. It provides support to a vibrant art community. This gallery is a comfortable space with hardware displays still intact, keeping ties with the venue's roots. Showcasing work of more than 170 artists, the mix of works on display is enough to keep you occupied for hours. Each time you stroll through the three rooms that make up the space, you'll find something new hidden in a corner or hanging overhead. 

Both traditional and unconventional art abounds. It's a mix of arts, with various styles represented. Sculptures, photographs, drawings, and paintings line the walls. Wood carvings, stone works, and pottery fill the shelves. Display cases include painted light switch covers, jewelry, and other small works.

Artists like Gladys Cook and Lou Shields on Display next to Hardware Cases
This is a community shop. The prices of the artwork range from affordable small ceramic pieces and prints to hand-carved totem polls and large mosaics. Dave Mueller uses this space in every way possible to support the art community and provide locals with a portal to the arts. It doesn't end at displaying the art on the gallery walls. Weekly open jam sessions, art receptions, artist support groups, and discussions with the artists provide an outlet and forum for art.

Mr. Mueller maintains an active Facebook page providing gallery information about events and new artists.

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  1. Sounds like a place to spend some time at. You have surely perked my interest.