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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Belly Pat (Figure 8)

These brew notes slipped through the cracks. It was yet another rye (pale ale). One of my favorite grains, so I'm happy to see it getting some use. Imagine what you could do with those spent grains...mmmmm.

This beer was a concoction that won the Figure Eight employee home brew contest. If only I worked there and could share my Athena's Anthos (a rosemary-lemon French Saison).

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This brew was an gold-amber with a frothy white head.

Taste: It was intensely bitter. I got some of the spice and earthiness from the grain. Was it too bitter? I would have went as far as saying it surpassed Pale Ale to IPA. I slowly drank this one. I let Mr. K finish it off. Not sure it put me off just because I was expecting something more smooth or what. Maybe I just wanted to like this really bad and set the expectation too high. It's noted at 64 IBU, which seemed low for what I was tasting. Though the ryes I normally go for are in the 25-35 range.

From the F8 site:
Rye Pale Ale - malted and flaked rye with wheat yield a smooth yet spicy base accentuated by a complex blend of hops adding earthy and fruity tones - winner in our employee homebrew contest, this recipe was created by Char and Becky Pavich 

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