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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Huitzi (5 Rabbit)

I tried this midwinter ale, after much anticipation, last year at a 5 Rabbit dinner I attended for my birthday. Almost exactly a year later, I figured it would be a nice brew to celebrate my birthday eve.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This pinkish-amber brew seems very carbonated as it pours. The white, bubbly head dissipates quickly, leaving a tiny ring of surfacing bubbles along the edge of the glass. It smells juicy. The soothing chamomile comes through with a candied ginger sweet-spice.

Taste: It has a juicy-tartness like a fresh tropical fruit. Something like this could easily quash the winter blues in one or two sips. It's hearty yet crisp. The acid lifts the flavor on the tongue. The hibiscus flavor is unmistakable, like a good hibiscus tea, more tart than floral.

As it warms it doesn't hide the booziness. The tartness subsides and the thick and rich honey flavors really come out. It's nice and smooth. Like a substantial mead.

From the 5 Rabbit site:
A Belgian Strong Golden Ale, brewed with hibiscus flowers, ginger, thai palm sugar and local Chicago honey.

Huitzi is a winter beer that doesn´t wallow in the dark cold days of this season. Like it’s namesake, the Aztec hummingbird god Huitzilopoctli who smashed the winter to allow the sun to return, Huitzi looks forward to the brighter promise of spring. We think of it as a winter cooler.

**Reading this after writing my notes, they were dead on with what they were trying to do!

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