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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Caving in Rome

The last day of my Italian adventure I found myself back in Rome. It was just an evening stay before heading back home. After a few days in Civitanova Marche, visiting Roman/Pompeian settler ruins, monasteries, and national preserves in the surrounding areas, and after seeing the sea and the mountains, Rome was a real drag. It was hot. It was crowded. It was packed with tourists.

After the lagers and awful Scottish and Belgian beers I had in that eclectic cafe when we arrived at the beginning of the trip, I caved. While trying to figure out where to have dinner, I hit the Irish pub. It was cool and dark. The bartender had a thick British accent. The beer was pulled perfectly. This bitter was divine. Even with the screaming kids running around, I was pleased with my creamy English ale.

Best Bitter (Theakston)
Look and Smell: Thi
s gold beer had a white cascade settling to a creamy head. It smelled yeasty.

Taste: It had a creamy yeastiness that canceled out everything around me. With creaminess, it was still light and dry. I nearly drank the whole pint in one large gulp. It was cold. It was deeply bitter complementing that ESB yeast. It was everything I wanted that minute. I wanted another, maybe a Guinness, but I was off to find food. Which I found...a pretty awful meal...with some worse wine.

From the Theakston site:
The quintessential English mid strength ale – a perfect balance of malt and subtle hops.

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