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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fine Art & Decent Lager

The Galleria degli Uffizi in Firenze is a destination. This was originality a well-appointed office building commissioned by Cosimo I de' Medici for Florentine government officials. Now it houses paintings, sculpture, and specially designed spaces. It was a highlight of my trip. It was worth spending the better part of the day there. Though I could have spent more time exploring the works on display, the five hours I dedicated to it gave me time to enjoy the extensive collection. It was well organized with enough pieces in each room to disperse the crowd, but not enough to be overwhelming.

In the middle of our exploration of the gallery, we got hungry. I've been to some amazing restaurants in museums. Some Toronto museums have restaurants that are worth the visit even if you don't have time to tour the exhibits. With the view at the Uffizi restaurant and a culture known for delicious cuisine, I expected nothing less. was the worst meal I had the whole trip. It was the worst meal I've had in a very long time. Ordering a foccacia with chicken, tomato and mozzarella, I ended up with one of those awful cafeteria "fried" chicken patties. It was one of those gray masses, a little soggy from the microwave, and infused with an overabundance salt. It was one of those "meals" from a box I could make for myself in elementary school. Luckily Theresianer's crisp Premium Lager was able to wash that taste out of my mouth. It replaced it with a lager taste, but that was preferable to a gray paste o' chicken.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This clear gold brew had a bubbly and frothy white head. It smelled like a lager.

Taste: It was light, it was crisp, it was slightly sweet. It had a lager aftertaste. It was an ok lager. It did the trick at that moment though.

From the Theresianer site:
Time passes, slow and precious, to allow the character of this beer to ferment at low temperatures, taking its time. There is no other way its personality can sing on your palate: clear, scented, light, with the embracing freshness of hops and the feathery notes of yeast.

The first to be revealed is the soul: better, sweet, soft, seductive, created as it is from spring’s best distichous [sic] barley.

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