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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wonderful View, Horrible Beer

We reached Siena with perfect weather for alfresco dining. Mr. K and I shared a pizza carbonara and a couple of liters of red wine were shared among friends. We watched dancing the the Piazza del Campo. We watched couples and groups walking by. Tiny dogs were being carried by pedestrians.

We roamed the town. Visited historic sites and local artisan shops. After a day of walking the city and beautiful views of the countryside, it was time for our last meal before we parted ways. For our last evening in Siena I wanted to go back to the Piazza del Campo. It was a bit touristy, but the weather was perfect and I didn't want to be stuck inside.

To satisfy a thirst for beer, we found a spot called La Birreria. They had quite the beer list. A good global selection. They even had "Duff" from the United States. their menu may not have been accurate. Maybe Budweiser distributes as Duff abroad!

Mr. K and I got a local Chianti Classico and left our travelling companions to the beer. Of all the good beers on the menu, one of my friends tried the Slalom Strong. The menu noted it as being from Israel. The bottle said Scotland. It was something different. I was surprised by the choice, since this person typically does not go for lagers. Maybe the Italian taste for lager was guiding her choice.

She hated it; we all hated it. With the off flavors, I couldn't help sipping it to write these notes. L was happy to be unloading sips of that beer.

Slalom Strong (Caledonian Brewery Company)
Look and Smell: It was yellow. The head was a white froth. It smelled grassy and lagery. It smelled sweet.

Taste: It was incredibly sweet, like a honey candy. It was grassy...herbal. The whole thing was like a Ricola. It wasn't balanced at all. It was astringent too. It didn't hide the 9% ABV at all. I'd never order this.

This beer isn't anywhere on the site. According to BeerAdvocate it is no longer brewed. Good thing.

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