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Friday, May 3, 2013

Zeitgeist (BrewDog)

Much of Italy is filled with fantastic wine and an appetite for lagers. I hear rumor of Italian brewing expanding and diversifying. It's just not as prevalent as in the least not yet. Few spots served anything but Peroni, Moretti, and other clear lagers, but the cafe across from my hotel had a slightly wider selection. The label on this BrewDog black lager was enough to make me depart from the local fare and hit this product of Northern Scotland. This brewery was familiar to me, though I don't have any other notes. I know they did a collaboration brew with Three Floyds.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This black brew had a slight roasted flavor. It had a light off-white head that dissipated quickly. It smelled sweet.

Taste: It tasted just as it smelled. The bitter roast clings on a bit after you're done. Not a bad black lager. Also not what I was after at the time. Aside from a little bitterness, I did not taste any of the cascade promised in the description. I really wish I did.

From the BrewDog site:
Zeitgeist takes an age old classic, a forgotten masterpiece and gives it a contemporary spin. A trans-continental schizophrenic beer combining a classic Czech black lager base and the high octane hit of pacific north west American hops. All for your drinking pleasure. And ours.

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