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Friday Night at Dyer Summer Fest

This past Friday I was compelled to go to the Dyer Summer Fest. Last year we had driven by but didn't attend. Weary of crowds and parking issues I was hesitant to go this year. At around 9:30 p.m. parking was easy to find. The crowd was light but comfortable enough to make you feel like you were at an event. Overall the spot was well-lit and clean.

We got right to the pierogi. I passed on the fully loaded (bacon, chives, and sour cream). I wanted the purity of the potato cheddar pierogi without the sleeplessness caused by late-night extras.

As we strolled around the fair, I noticed quite a few Mexican food trucks and booths. It caught my eye. I saw Mendoza's Mexican Mix, Leroy's Homemade Mexican Food, and Nachos Muchos. I saw partially-covered booths with "Mexican" visible from the bottom of the sheet. If only I had room in my pierogi-filled belly for a tamale.

This fest had all of the traditional on-a-stick fare. One of our companions set out on a hunt for a corn dog. The first stand had hand-dipped corn dogs, but alas they were out. She trekked back along her path to find one she had passed on the quest. While we chatted another companion went to grab a snack and he brought back a long piece of bacon, on a stick, covered in hardened chocolate. Much better than the Hershey syrup-drizzled mess I've seen at fairs past.

Booths stocked with lemon shake-ups, Polish sausages, and snow cones lined the fair. Rib tips, charred chicken on a stick, and pulled pork were within our sight.

As we stood there, the wind blew just the wrong way to make me feel greasy from the heavy smell in the air. 

The music was booming and the food trucks were humming. 

We moved past the food and music to the carnival area. Clusters of kids stood in front of carnival rides. Carnival booths were full of balloons to pop and toys to win. The callers were not calling out for us to try our hand and win a prize. It was all pretty laid back. Ticket boxes were replaced by automated ticket dispensers. 

The Pharaoh's Fury started up for five eager riders, screaming like ten.

We meandered back to the stage where the band was playing. A few dancers popped up in the crowd, rocking it from the beer tent and shaking it in front of the stage. These dancers didn't need feathers or fringe.

It was a laid back way to end the night. Much less action than I was expecting, in a good way. We sat and enjoyed the beautiful spring night at the Summer Fest.


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