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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swiss Style Amber (Minhas)

Mr. K is not around, so I'm scraping the bottom of my cellar for some brews. I wouldn't want to have anything too delicious or rare without my partner in crime.

This beer truly is the bottom. Granted, it's an old brew. I know that some just don't age right. But this was at the bottom of the cellar for a reason. We got this as part of a mix pack of WI/MN brews. I tried it before, but didn't note it, knowing I had another to suffer through.

I didn't have a great experience with any of the brews in the pack. I'm not sure I even wrote about them all. But here I am, Mr. K-less drinking this swill. It takes something to have a brewery, I feel bad knocking them, but this just wasn't my pint o'brew.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: It was an amber-brown brew. The white bubble dissipated quickly. It smelled toasty and sweet.

Taste: This was way sweeter than expected. It was like sticky candy. It was like a lozenge. It actually even numbed my tongue a little, it was so sweet. Luden's? It stuck. Trying to figure out what I'll eat/drink to get this flavor out of my mouth. A 2° Below? (It's a discontinued New Belgium brew that keeps well, which I have a case of...and apparently have never written notes about.)

From the Minhas site:
Swiss Amber is a well balanced, full flavored, amber ale. At first glance, this reddish-copper ale looks strong and heavy, but one sip proves that it’s as smooth as silk. It has a rich, malty body with a pleasant caramel character derived from the specialty caramel malt. It has a complex hop aroma, with a hint of floral and citrus which comes from a combination of hops. It pours a rich, creamy head with a fine lace. The light fruitiness, characteristic of ales, is derived from a proprietary yeast strain.

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