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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Penitence (Greenbush)

I was out in Michigan picking up cured meats and other goodies from P & E Mullins: LOCAL, an absolutely amazing Old World-style gourmet shop, and I was just close enough to Greenbush to make the trip.

My Greenbush visits have been up and down since our first trip. The expansion and introduction of food helped matters. They increased their serving staff past just bartenders and expanded the menu past charcuterie. I'm sure that the fact I was there on a Thursday afternoon helped matters too. It wasn't crowded and the servers were attentive.

The food was really good. A far cry from the chunk of fat/pulled pork I got when they first started serving food. I got a meaty sandwich on thick and buttery bread. My companion got a BLT with thick cuts of smoked bacon. My little companion feasted on crackers and currants she brought from home. (Yes, this spot is totally kid friendly. The baby did not get carded. They even had high chairs.)

It was nice to see some old standard brews and a few new ones since my last visit. This season rye stout was new to me, and it totally hit the spot. I only had time for one beer and it sustained me.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This dark brown brew had a cappuccino head that floated around for a while. It smelled very bready.

Taste: It was spicy and bitter. It
was a little musky. The bitterness was like a bitter chocolate, but it wasn't incredibly chocolaty. It was heavy. It was delicious as it warmed.

From the Greenbush site:
And all will be forgiven.

Ready to make up for all those bad things you've been doing lately? C'mon, you can't lie to us - we know better than that. Wash away your guilt with our Rye Stout and all will be forgiven.

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