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Sunday, August 11, 2013

2013 Replicale (Hunter's Brewing)

I'm admittedly behind on my Hunter's notes. They have so many good ones on an ever-changing tap list, it's hard to keep up. I picked this one to write about today because it's still on tap, but it will probably be gone fast. I had this Indiana Replicale last weekend. This year's 2013 summer Replicale is a Saison, but it seems that breweries are doing wildly different things with it, so it's hard to make any type of comparison.

It's been a few years since I was introduced to the idea behind the Replicale. Indiana breweries brew the same recipe for the most part, using their yeast of choice (matching the style). They can throw in whatever additions they want, and it seems this year whatever hops they want, so I'm not sure it's even required to be the same recipe anymore! Somewhat confusing, but nevertheless fun to try out what the different breweries are doing. It's easier when you're surrounded by breweries in Indy, but I'll try to make my rounds here for 2013. This brew has made me curious once more.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This orange-amber brew had a creamy ring for head. It smelled like gingerbread to me.

Taste: It was spicy and bready. Those savory flavors were balanced out by a caramel flavor. It was slightly sour and dry. I've been brewing quite a bit with French Saison yeasts lately (last two batches and a cider), and I'm really in love. The yeast really came through. It was crisp, a little sour, and slightly peppery. It really complemented the rye spice. A good union of flavors.

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