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How Do You Remember?

Everyone seems to remember their lives a little differently. Me, I remember the intricate details, well the all the details except time. I seem to have no concept of time. 

I don't remember dates. I may not be able to tell you the exact dates I left and came back, but I can recount in detail the taste of food I ate, the importance of historical sites I toured, and facts surrounding certain architecture on my first and last vacations. 

I know exactly how it felt to watch that sunset in Juan-les-Pins. The sounds of the water lapping the shores. Watching the little birds taking a dip in the water. Seeing the children, sticky with ice cream, softly talking to their parents. 

I remember the salty olives with the perfect sangria served at a spot on a busy street in Madrid. The spot had a tin napkin dispenser on the table and was far from upscale. The sangria was served in a standard glass with a white plastic bendy straw. It didn't look like much, but it was one of the best I've had. 

I remember the dry heat of the Grand Canyon. I remember the vibrant colors that faded in my photos. I remember the tagged vultures deep in the canyon. I remember excessive concrete surrounding this tourist attraction/natural wonder of the world. 

I'd have to look up what year Hurricane Erin moved over Central Florida, but I'll never forget getting stuck in the flood waters and walking home. The people kayaking in the streets is something that will always stick in my mind.

After thinking a bit, I remember one of my favorite boys was three when we had a particular painting party. At three he was painting noodles, that's all his little hands could brush. He painted vibrant yellows and oranges, swirls and fine lines. He painted large white poster board under the overhead dining room light. I remember the smell of break-and-bake cookies. We got glasses of milk and took a cookie break.

I can't tell you offhand the year I moved into my new house, but I remember in detail sleeping on the air mattress in the living room that first night, listening to fireworks, and watching the ball drop in Times Square on the big CRT television.

I don't remember that moment when I first met someone. With how many people you meet in a lifetime, how do you know they'll be important in your life enough to remember? That said I remember the first time I met Mr. K. I remember the shirt he was wearing as he stood in the doorway as he was introduced to me. 

I savor life. I take in each experience with all my senses. With five senses to handle, who has time for dates?


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