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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Local Brew at The Cardinal: Weizen Bock (Sand Creek)

This is not a typical summer brew, but with the dip in temperatures in much of the nation, it's worth writing about. This weizen bock was on tap at Cardinal Bar in Madison, WI. The Cardinal was a fun little spot with a good selection of spirits and local brews. They even had a local Wisconsin rum available. It was a great spot to enjoy some jazz and standards and nibble on some Cuban fare from the spot next door with a convenient window by the bar. Skip the bread unless you get the olives (it's good for soaking). The croquetas were tasty, but no need for the dipping sauce. It's laid back in the afternoon, but seems to be a party spot late night.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This cloudy, dark-brown brew had a white head that stuck. I didn't really smell much on it, but I wasn't sniffing it too much.

Taste: It was very sweet and very banana/clove. It was rich and spiced. It was a hearty brew, representing the other side of weiss bier. The complete antithesis of a refreshing citrusy summer wheat. It was a good representation of the style. That little spice complemented the sweet malt nicely.

From the Sand Creek site:
A true to style wheat doppelbock. Sip this beer slowly and taste the banana, cloves, figs and dates imparted by the German yeast. Allow to warm slightly and the caramel, toffee and brown sugar flavors will shine from the various specialty malts used. Prosit!

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