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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mycetes (Flossmoor Station)

Warm weather calls for notes about crisp and refreshing beers. I recently met a friend at Flossmoor Station. It had been ages since I've been there. My last notes are from 2011. It's an ok spot. I'm just not a huge fan of their food (standard bar food). Their beer is good, it's just so easy to get good beer just about anywhere. Flossmoor Station just isn't on my go-to list. That said, it was a fun spot to meet up and watch the Metra go by.

Their beer selection was extensive. I ordered this beer without realizing there was another side to the menu with some barrel-aged selections. The idea of a mushroom-infused Belgian-style ale piqued my interest. It could be good. It could also be very, very bad. But I was feeling adventurous. Luckily it was the former!

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This dark-gold brew had a silky head that settled to a ring. It smelled like Belgian yeast (bready and tangy/sweet).

Taste: It was very rich and silky. Umami is the best way to explain the taste. It was savory and slightly juicy. It had a Belgian tang. It was a good brew. I wanted a steak to go with it.

From the menu:
This Belgian Style Ale has a light malt body and a soft malt sweetness to balance the fruitiness of the hedgehog mushrooms accented by earthy characters that play off the Belgian yeast strain.

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