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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Season's Best Vegetable Ceviche

Ceviche is raw fish and other seafood marinated in citrus acid to cook it. You don't always have access to fresh fish, especially in the Midwest, so this recipe will give you all that citrus freshness using in season summer veg. Let's just call this Ceviche-style vegetables. This method leaves you with crunchy and fresh vegetables and a nice citrus pick-me-up. 

I served it on top of corn fritters and balsamic-glazed halibut. You can put a scoop of it on grilled chicken, use as a salsa in fish tacos, or just eat alone as an appetizer. 

This is incredibly simple, but still worth posting as reminder or to spark ideas.

1 Green Onion
3 Medium Tomatoes (assorted to give it color and flavor)*
2 Medium Bell Peppers (assorted to give it color and flavor)**
1 Hot Banana Pepper
1 JalapeƱo
2 Small Cucumbers (or 1 large)
1 Clove Garlic
Juice from 1 Large Lemon or 2 Small Limes
1/2 c Orange Juice
*I used a red tomato and two yellow DL Golden Girl tomatoes (and a tiny under-ripe Green Zebra for an extra layer of citrus flavor). It was just what I had in my garden.
**I used a green and a purple pepper. The purple is very mild, but gives it a fresh crunch.

Seasoning and Spices (approximations - use what you like)
1 tbsp Fresh Oregano
1 tbsp Fresh Cilantro
Fresh Ground White Pepper and Sea Salt to Taste

The instructions in brief are chop, mix, marinate, and serve. 

Slice the onion and garlic fine. Dice the tomato and peppers. (If your tomatoes are thick-skinned, you can peel them if you wish.) Peel and dice the cucumbers. Finely chop the oregano. Roughly chop the cilantro leaves, and finely chop the flavorful stems. Mix vegetables and herbs together.

Whisk the citrus juices together with the salt and pepper to dissolve the salt. Pour this mixture over the vegetables and toss it together. 

Cover and marinate in the fridge for at least two hours.

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