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Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013 Autumnation (Sixpoint Craft Ales)

So after last year's Quest for Pumpkin Beer, the conclusion is that pumpkin beer just isn't something I'll ever go out of my way for. Sixpoint, however, is. Based on the description, this wasn't a pumpkin pie beer. With special hops (changes each release) and pumpkin, I figured I was in for an autumn treat.

I enjoyed this beer from the tap at Bad Apple on North Lincoln Ave. It's a fun environment with funky decor, upbeat music, and delicious food (seems that they may pickle just about anything). It's always hard to pick just a couple of beers from their extensive, and frequently changing, tap list.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This gold-copper brew and a frothy white head. It was earthy, gourdy and musky.

Taste: At first the hop flavors overpowered beer, though it still had a slight sweetness. As it warmed all the flavors opened up. It was spiced from the hop and malt. It was smooth and a little rich It was light. The flavors lend themselves to a more concentrated, thicker brew, but it was still pretty good. I will say that the other beers on the table were superior (Island Reserve Series Saison Farmhouse Ale and Solumn Oath Salty Beard - made with a yet-to-be-named experimental hop). But once I got into the beer in hand, it was good.

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