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Friday, November 8, 2013

2011 Night Tripper (New Holland)

It's International Stout Day my friends, and I've cracked open this imperial stout to celebrate. This is a strong brew that I picked up a couple of years ago on one of my stock-up trips. It's a perfect cold-weather brew. I had a sip of this one a while back. The friend I was with loved it, but it was a big strong for her tastes. Love-hate kind of relationship. My bottle has had some time to mellow in the cellar. This brew is a sipping one, and I have some time to sip it this Stout Day. Sip, and write.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This black brew had fast-appearing chocolate-colored reverse head. It settled to an oily slick. I could smell the vanilla and booze from the table. It was roasted.

Taste: It has a bitter roast and a sugary sweetness. It's mellow but warming. It's creamy, but the roast/bitter acid wipes it. It's a deep brew with a chocolate aftertaste. It's a good way to celebrate.

From the bottle:
An abundance of roasted malts and flaked barley create rich, roasty stout with deeply intense, lush flavors. Layered, nuanced tones invited intrigue and reward a curious palate.

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