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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Luther's Boot (Half Acre)

I enjoyed a small pour of this amber rye after dinner with a friend. It was part of the after-dinner dessert, I guess. The lingering brew when you start saying good-bye until the next visit. She had never been to this tap room, and we were down the street for dinner. It's a friendly spot that you shouldn't pass up.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This amber brew had a white head that settled to a thin ring. It left dense lacing on the little glass. It smelled like fresh wort (the combo of malt, water and hops before the yeast is added and the fermentation begins).

Taste: It had a soft spice to it. It was toasty. It was sticky and sappy. It was an interesting amber. In a world where there doesn't seem to be a standard for an amber ale, this was a good one.

From the menu:
Three different types of rye malts lend this beer a nutty base that's lightly hopped for a spicy, malt forward result.

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