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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Experiementing in the LAB

Lexington Avenue Brewery
39 N Lexington Ave | Asheville, NC

While we were in Asheville, NC on a recent trip, we stopped at Lexington Avenue Brewery (LAB) for some brews and snack. We got a flight to try their beers and some nachos after our exploration of Mount Mitchell to hold us over before NYE celebrations. I really enjoyed the beer, food, and atmosphere. It's definitely on my list for our return trip.

They were in a central location on the main drag. They had a medium-sized patio with space heaters for chilly nights. It was a large restaurant/bar with a backstage for concerts and performances. It was clean with interesting decor. The bar was so wide at one point the server needed a stick to push the brews to the patrons. The music was upbeat. It was crowded and a little loud, but that was ok. I could still hear the music and still have a conversation with Mr. K.

The servers were friendly. They chatted with regulars and answered questions.

They had a good selection of foods. They had lots of veg on the menu and pork. It was a locavore-fresh menu. They had a good mix of small plates, sandwiches, salads, and entrees. The nachos were covered with ground pork, green onions, cheese and red beans. It was incredibly filling. They did not skimp on the pork.

It was a kid-friendly environment. They had a kid's menu and appropriate seating. There were kids around enjoying their meals.   

They had a good selection of brews with a number of styles on tap: cream ale, pale ale, IPA, ESB, brown ale, Belgian strong, rye, and porter. In addition to beers, they had wines, liquors, and cocktails on the menu.

All of the brews we tried were spot on. They hit the styles with complex flavors that made you want to have a pint of each. We had a long night ahead, so we each ordered a pint and picked up a growler to take back home.

I'd definitely make a point to go back next time I'm in town. Hopefully, next time I can catch a show.

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