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Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Beer Worth Writing Home About: Infused Aubade

I'd had Hunter's Aubade in the past. It's a complex and clean German Wheat. I've even had it infused with strawberries and ginger at Porter's Perfect Pint, which was refreshing and decadent. When I found out they were serving Aubade infused with lemon, orange, and mint at the Blue Chip brew fest in Michigan City, Indiana, I felt like I was missing out! I was told it would come back two more times. I was there and ready for the first taproom release of this brew. I was expecting refreshing citrus to go well with the existing lemon flavors of the German Wheat. I wasn't sure how the mint would factor in, but I thought it would be a hint. I trusted that Hunter's would make it work, and boy did they!

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This cloudy yellow brew had a silky white head. I could smell the mint from where it sat on the bar. It was a sweet mint smell.

Taste: It was refreshing, bright, and crisp. For me, the mint was not a hint in the background. It was full-force mint, and it worked! Mint beer can be a success if done right. It had a ripened citrus sweetness to go along with the malt. The acid from the citrus and minty flavors left this creamy and sweet beer clean on the palate. It was like a tropical shandy; though, it was still substantial enough for me to know this was a beer, not a fruity cocktail. This was my experience. I've heard that some only tasted one of the three factors. Some couldn't smell or taste the mint at all! For you Indiana locals, it's worth a try. I think it's still on tap today, but it was running out fast. Keep your eyes open for the second release this summer.

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