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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Food Education: Feeds, News & Other Resources

Between restaurants, recipes, and festivals, I'm a big fan of food. It can be nourishing, fun to prepare, and beautiful to look at. I learned more about how food grows when I started my garden. I saw first hand how policy and regulation impacts food production when I started learning more about farming. I found out more about the science behind cooking when I gained access to a wider variety of foods and began experimenting in the kitchen. If you are as interested in food and the factors affecting our food industry today, you should add some of these resources to your newsfeed. Share some of your favorites in the post comments.

Food Blogs & Feeds

Media Food Columns

General Information

  • Civil Eats - Blog providing information about food policy, eating culture, environmental issues, and food justice.
  • Slow Food USA - Official blog of Slow Food USA listing events and tips for following Slow Food practices.
  • Treehugger - Resource for tips, news, and products that support a Slow Food lifestyle.
  • Local Harvest - Map showing organic resources in your community (includes, CSAs, Farm Stores, Markets, and more).
  • Eat Wild - Map and listing of sources for grass-fed meat, eggs, and dairy products.

Regulation & Policy Resources

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