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Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Dangerous New Craving: Timbrook Kitchens

Timbrook Kitchens
17 Ridge Rd. | Munster, IN | Cash Only (Credit Cards Soon) | Closed Mondays

While working on a crossword puzzle in a local town newsletter, I learned a new word. That word was Timbrook. Just below the puzzle was an ad for a spot just down the road called Timbrook Kitchens. I looked at their website, and one look at their menu made me want to head out right away.

The entrance to Timbrook sneaked up on me. It was part of an older plaza. It's situated between a vacuum repair shop and a cigarette outlet. You wouldn't know it was there unless it was your destination. It's a hidden treasure.

I walked in and  my eyes were immediately drawn to the table of decadent creations. There were buttery stuffed croissants, savory hand pies (handwiches), and fresh-fruity buckles. They had flaky meat pies, rich and chocolaty pies, and pies topped with whipped cream. Once I was able to tear my gaze from the mouthwatering spread, I noticed warm pots of soup set under the chalkboard that listed today's offerings. I saw a refrigerator in the back corner with pints of soup, sides, and whole pies to take home.

The owner was friendly and explained what was on the table that day. Every day it's different. Every hour it seems to change. He has limited quantities of each handcrafted treat, so they move fast. They do offer pre-orders and catering if you had something in mind, but I like to go in and try something new.

After success at local farmers markets, they opened this shop last November. They are settling in. They don't have big signs for each selection. They didn't have a crowded case. They just had plates and trays of delicious food. They had a few tables for people to eat there. He'll heat up your food, and of course you'll have to get a coffee.

We have been there several times since we discovered it. It's hard to get just one! We've already filled up two loyalty cards. It's an easy spot to run by on our way home from work. It's a great mid-morning snack on the weekend. It's a quick spot to grab a decadent treat and support a local business.

I can't wait to pick up picnic lunches from this spot to enjoy when the weather warms up.

To give you a full picture and a little incentive to go, since I visited this past February, I've had the opportunity to check out quite a few selections from their constantly-changing menu:
  • Onion Havarti & Ham Croissant
  • Almond Crusted Croissant with Marzipan & Honey
  • Chocolate & Walnut Croissant
  • Croissant with a Cheese & Mushroom Cream Filling
  • Mixed Berry Buckle
  • Carrot Cake Buckle
  • Banana Nut Buckle
  • Blueberry Buckle
  • Key Lime Pie 
  • Buffalo Chicken & Gorgonzola Meat Pie
  • Verde Chicken Empanada
  • Pork Sausage, Aged Cheddar, & Green Pepper Stuffed Pastry
  • Kilbasa, Egg & Cheese Handwich
  • Salmon Havarti Handwich

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